The Day I met

Bryan Adams

Dave Hammond


"The day we met Bryan Adams. Firstly I can't believe that we are already up to number 19 but here we go. I don't think I have ever missed a Bryan Adams show when he has been to South Africa including the first time I watched him at Sun City way back in the 80's with my parents. Circumstances however only allowed me to meet him on his last visit to our shores in December 2017 as part of his Get Up world tour. I have always loved his music and his live performances with the exception of the one show when he did a very toned down show a few years back at the dome. Even his Bare Bones show at Carnival City was amazing. Going to a show when you know all the words is always a great show. But I must admit that the last time he was here was one of his best. He did all the hits and the crowd were in a great mood. My wife and I got to meet him before he took to the stage and he came across as a great guy, very quiet and unassuming (like me I suppose). He also said he liked my T Shirt which was cool. Thanks again toDionne Domyan-Mudie and Sophie Doherty for the opportunity I owe you guys so much. As well as our good friend Eric Erik Förster for taking the photo."

 — with Annatjie Hammond.

Dave Hammond

May 6, 2019