23 October 2018



This movie has received some very mixed reviews and I can understand why it divides opinion. The story is a little farfetched and hard to fathom firstly how a man can abduct a woman in broad daylight in a busy car park and not be seen. Secondly he keeps her in a purpose built soundproof room measuring 10 feet by 10 feet with no windows and yet she continuously manages to escape. Furthermore with no offense meant to women, she continuously has the upper hand during the fight scenes and makes the man look like a wimp. Perhaps when confronted with fear the adrenalin we let off makes us stronger. It takes a while before we figure out why he has kidnapped her and the reason is not something you would expect. Apparently he wants her to confess having a part in the murder of his wife which she vehemently denies. So is the woman who she says she is or is she someone else entirely. As the police start to close in the truth is revealed and we can all move on wondering if it was really worth 83 minutes of our life.


Luke Evans and Kelly Reilly play the lead roles and the film is directed by Suzi Ewing. There are no special features on the DVD and the film is rated 16 for language and violence. 10 x 10 is now available through Next and Empire Home Entertainment and is available to purchase at your nearest Musica store.

IFM Rating 4,5 out of 10.