27 June 2018

12 Strong


Nice to see an entertaining, well made and historically interesting film. Based on the book “ Horse Soldiers “ the film tells the story of 12 men who after 9/11 are sent on a perilous mission to get some revenge on the Taliban and take over an important strategic town. Led by Mitch Nelson, a man many consider to be a rookie captain, the US army special forces team are dropped into the rough and unfriendly terrain of Afghanistan about a month after the attacks. The plan is to connect with an Afghan war lord, General Dostum, who is in charge of the northern alliance, and fight together to secure the town of Mazar-i-Sharif. Trust is a major issue when Dostum finds out that Nelsom is not exactly battle hardened and most of the movie is spent earning each other’s respect. The odds also seem insurmountable with the Taliban having the luxury of tanks, armored vehicles and other heavy artillery while the Americans and their allies are attacking them on horseback. Many small battle occur throughout the movie but the one at the end is obviously the best remembered. It’s like a combination of an all-out war movie and the wild west with each battle scene intense and well-staged. I can tell you that not everyone comes out alive but the ones that do are welcomed home like heroes. By the way no horses were harmed during the making of this movie.


Mitch Nelson is played by Chris Hemsworth and General Dostum is played by Navid Negahban better known for his role in the TV series Homeland. Other major roles are played by Michael Shannon and Michael Pena. The DVD has no special features. The main movie runs for 133 minutes and is rated PG16 for language and violence. 12 Strong is now available through Empire Home Entertainment and available to purchase at all Musica Stores.


IFM Rating 6,5 out of 10.