23 July 2018

All The Money in the World


Remember the movie Kevin Spacey was supposed to play the lead role in but after all the Hollywood allegations stacked up they had to find a new lead. Well this is the movie and the lead role was that of John Paul Getty now portrayed ( after 10 million dollars worth of re-shoots ) by Christopher Plummer.

And frankly he is by far the outstanding part of this frankly disappointing film. Ridley Scott directs a film inspired by the much publicized kidnapping of Getty’s 16 year old grandson Paul in 1973. Held by ruthless kidnappers Getty senior refused to pay the ransom money despite owning “ all the money in the world”. Thinking that if he were to pay the ransom he would be starting a precedent and the kidnappers had to be aware that he was not going to part with his money very easily.  Despite countless attempts by Paul’s mother to convince Getty senior to pay the ransom he refuses but appoints an advisor for Paul’s mother to help get her son back. Together they work with the local police to try to find where they are holding Paul as the clock ticks down.


The film is an amazing portrayal of how Getty really was in real life and the viewer ends up hating the man for his arrogant and non-caring attitude towards his own flesh and blood. Michelle Williams puts in an admirable performance as Gail Getty but Mark Wahlberg is reduced to an irritating bit part role. In fact he looked out of place in this film.  The film is also very slow in parts and feels a lot longer than it actually is but the cinematography that paints the 70’s era is impressive.


The DVD has no special features. The main movie runs for 127 minutes and is rated18 for drugs, language and violence. All the Money in the World is now available through Empire Home Entertainment and available to purchase at Musica.


IFM Rating 5,5 out of 10.