07 May 2018



From the creators of Rio and Ice Age, Ferdinand is the story of a lovable bull who wasn’t designed for bull fighting but rather for smelling flowers. After being raised on a bull fighter’s farm Ferdinand never really fits in with the rest of the ambitious bulls who want to make it in the bull fighters ring and when he loses his father in a bull fight he runs away. He is found by a lovable little girl and her father who look after him and raise him until he is fully grown. One day they go to the flower festival without Ferdinand because he is getting too big, but the big lovable bull decides to make his own way there to be with what he now considers to be his family. But something goes horribly wrong and his clumsiness causes him to be captured and returned to the bull fighters farm he was raised on. Because he is so huge he gets picked by the country’s top bull fighter to fight in the bull ring so Ferdinand and his new found friends which include a goat and three really cool hedgehogs try to concoct a cunning plan to escape once again from the bull fighting farm and return to his real home.


Like the majority of animation movies you just have to love it and I’m sure that the character will creep into the hearts of most kids with this movie. The DVD also has a few special features to enjoy such as featurettes on how the movie was made as well the music video of the theme song by Nick Jonas and an instruction video on how to dance like Ferdinand. The main movie 105 minutes long and is rated PG7-9 for violence. Ferdinand is now available through Empire Home Entertainment.


Ifm Rating 6 out of 10.