10 May 2018

Justice League


DC comics recently brought us the long awaited Justice League movie to the big screen and it was awesome. For those of you that didn’t get around to seeing it on the big screen can now catch it on DVD. Obviously it is always preferable to watch it on the big screen but the small screen still lets you enjoy the movie just the same. It has been several years since the death of Superman ( in Batman vs Superman ) and people around the world still mourn him. None more so than his mother and his girlfriend Lois Lane. Meanwhile Batman is fighting a Parademon which explodes leaving three boxes burnt on a wall. Alfred ( now played by Jeremy Irons ), tells Batman that the danger that is coming is way stronger than him alone and that he needs to put a team together to defeat Steppenwolf the leader of the Parademons. He teams up with Diana Prince ( Wonder woman ) after her country Amazonia is attacked and she explains to him that if Steppenwolf was to obtain the three mother boxes he would have unending power. Together they manage to recruit Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash to help them but still feel they don’t have enough power to stop Steppenwolf. Reluctantly they agree to try to resurrect Superman. It works but he is unaware of who is is and he starts to fight the other Justice League members. Only when Lois is brought to the scene does he calm down. Then a massive battle ensues between the Justice League, Steppenwolf and the rest of the Parademons.


Lots of action as you would expect and I know the film got some disappointing reviews. I have seen better superhero movies but I must admit I quite enjoyed this one. Ben Affleck is Batman, Henry Cavill is Superman, Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman and Amy Adams stars as Lois Lane. There is a very interesting special feature about the Justice league and its development from comic books to the big screen which is well worth watching. The main movie runs for 115 minutes and is rated PG10-12 for language and violence. Justice League is now available through Empire Home Entertainment.


IFM Rating 7 out of 10.