29 May 2018



Apparently a child goes missing in the US every 60 seconds. That is a scary statistic. Halle Berry has just added herself to that statistic with this movie when her child gets abducted after a visit to the park. What ensues is a one hour car chase where she tries to catch up with her son’s captors. The car chase is relatively boring and only comes to an end when she inevitably runs out of petrol. What is really crazy is that most of the time they are the only two cars on the highway which is a bit strange. The story only really gets interesting when she eventually catches up to the couple that seized her son as she follows them to a house deep in a forest. After contacting the police about her whereabouts she then sets about looking for her child only to realize that her child was taken as part of a trafficking ring and that there are other children also being held captive.


This movie could have been so much better. The car chase was way too long and the entire movie was very predictable and the acting performance of Halle Berry reminds me of the movie The Call. Also hectic, screaming etc. most of the way through the film. The movie does however show grim determination to hang in there in order to get her son back but I can’t help feeling an opportunity was missed. The DVD has no special features. The main movie runs for 91 minutes and is rated PG13 for language and violence. Kidnap is now available through Ster Kinekor Home Entertainment.


IFM Rating 5 out of 10.