14 May 2018

Molly’s Game


Based on a true story the movie is about Molly Bloom who as a young girl was a brilliant skier who almost made it into the Olympics if not for a horrific back injury that almost crippled her. Whilst having an extremely demanding father and two equally gifted brothers she rebelled as a young girl causing her to go astray and abandon her family values. Leaving home instead of completing a law degree she chose to work instead and started with a guy that ran a weekly poker game. Amazed by the size of the tips she was receiving by looking after the players she eventually decides to go out on her own and run her own high stakes game. Attracting Hollywood royalty such as sports stars, actors, business titans as well as members of the Russian mob. She created quite a name for herself and in turn made a lot of money but she took nothing from the table, everything came in tips. Then one day in the middle of the night she is arrested by the FBI and approaches criminal lawyer Charlie Jaffey to act as her defence. What ensues is a very interesting story as the two fight for justice together against the American government.


Brilliant acting by all concerned. Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba have an electric chemistry in this movie and they play off each other brilliantly. I also find it hard to believe that Aaron Sorkin was directing his first movie and he is definitely a name I will look out for in future. My only concern is that people may find the movie a bit too long but I found it gripping till the end. The DVD has no special features. The main movie runs for 134 minutes and is rated PG16 for drugs, language and violence. Molly’s Game is now available through Ster Kinekor Home Entertainment.


IFM Rating 7 out of 10.