14 November 2018

Oceans 8


Hard to believe that the original Oceans 11 was released in 1960 and redone in 2001. Then we had Oceans 12 in 2004 and Oceans 13 in 2007 both starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt in an all-male cast ( criminals that is ). Now we come to 2018 and a brand new movie is released with an all-star female cast led by Sandra Bullock who plays Danny Ocean’s estranged sister. Danny has apparently died and his sister Debbie has just spent the last five years in prison. But it doesn’t take Debbie long to get back to her old ways when together with her old friend Lou ( Cate Blanchett ) they plan a heist and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They intend stealing a diamond necklace worth $150 million hoping to set themselves up for the rest of their lives so they get a crew together of old friends and offer them $16.5 million apiece if they pull it off. The gala event itself is quite interesting as people like Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum are all in cameo roles in the movie playing themselves but I can’t tell you what happens as that will spoil the plot.


This really is an all-star cast and also includes Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter and Rihanna to name a few. The storyline and the way it rolls out is very predictable but the film is still enjoyable. Not as good as the previous Oceans films and I’m not just saying that because of the all-female cast. After all you can only work with what was written for you. The DVD has a short special feature entitled A Heist in Heels and has a very small look at how the movie was put together. The film runs for 110 minutes and is rated PG13 for occasional drug use. Oceans 8 is now available through Empire Home Entertainment and available to purchase through any good Musica Store.


IFM Rating 5,5 out of 10.