10 September 2018

Pacific Rim Uprising


This film is unfortunately a typical example why some films should not have sequels. The words “ They’re back again “ just doesn’t cut it with this one and the movie can only be described as a poor man’s Transformers. I must admit the first one wasn’t bad with Idris Elba in the hot seat of a Jaeger as he saves the world from the Kaiju as they rise from the depths of the ocean but we should have quit while we are winning. Now his son comes to the fore with a 15 year old hacker, who built her own Jaeger incidentally, as an even more fearsome alien threat has been unleashed on the world. But what is strange is that the new Kaiju are stronger and more advanced than before and our heroes still have the same old cranky machines used in the first movie, but somehow our heroes still come out on top. While the first film was suitable for adults and kids alike this one is definitely aimed more for the young generation. The movie reminded me a lot of the Power Rangers movies where kids play the lead parts and CGI is pretty much used for every scene. If you have seen the first one and enjoyed it then you might be disappointed with the sequel.




The DVD has plenty of special features for fans to enjoy such as 5 featurettes on how the movie was made. There are also deleted scenes and directors commentary from Steven DeKnight. The main feature runs for 108 minutes and is rated PG13 for language and violence. Pacific Rim Uprising is now available through Next and Empire Entertainment and available to purchase at your nearest Musica store.




IFM Rating 4 out of 10.