03 July 2018

Proud Mary


Mary is a lethal professional hit woman raised by a mobster family since she was a child. When she takes someone out because of bad debt she leaves behind a young boy, Danny, who is none the wiser that his father has been killed. The film moves on to one year later where the boy is doing dirty work for the Russian mob but unknown to Danny, Mary has been watching him ever since that fateful day. One day after being accused of stealing the boy gets beaten up and ends up passed out in an alley. He wakes up to find himself in Mary’s apartment still not knowing who she is. When she sees the boys scars she heads out to kill the entire gang whom the boy was working for. This causes ructions in the mob world as the family Mary is involved with gets the blame for the hit. In retaliation the Russians try to take out Benny the leader of Mary’s gang turning everything into a turf war. Determined to get out of the life she leads Mary wants to retire and look after the boy but Benny won’t let her leave. Mary must take out the entire gang of Russians and her own “ family “ if she is ever going to be free.




The film was not as bad as I expected it to be with a decent story and some good action.  It is however a bit far-fetched especially the ending when she takes out the entire gang without picking up barely a scratch but overall not too bad. Taraji P. Henson is perfect in the role of Mary and good to see Danny Glover again as he plays the role of Benny. Special features on the DVD include a couple of featurettes on how the movie was put together. The main feature runs for 85 minutes and is rated PG16 for language, violence and drugs. Proud Mary is now available through Ster Kinekor Home Entertainment and is available to purchase at Musica.




IFM Rating 5 out of 10.