04 September 2018



As far as Dwayne Johnson is concerned this is a bit like a combination of King Kong and San Andreas. The world’s highest paid male actor stars as Davis Okoye, a primatologist who has a special bond with a rare albino silver backed gorilla called George who has been in his care since he was young. Our attention turns to a space station carrying gene mutating pathogens in outer space. Trying to bring them back to earth safely the astronaut crashes and releases the pathogen compartments into the atmosphere. One of them landing in the San Diego gorilla enclosure where George is kept. One in Canada where a wolf comes into contact with it, and another in a river in Africa where a crocodile becomes affected. The pathogen causes the animals to mutate and grow into ravenous monsters of gargantuan proportions. The pathogen contains a homing signal which emanates from it’s origin, a lab in the middle of Chicago. All the animals are drawn to the homing signal and it becomes a race against time for Davis and Dr Kate Caldwell, who worked for the company that developed the pathogen, to find and antidote before the entire city of Chicago is destroyed and millions of lives are lost.




The movie emphasizes the unique bond between man and beast as Davis battles with the dilemma of possibly having to destroy a friend he can no longer control. Nadine Harris, Malin Ackerman ( recently seen on the TV show Billions ) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan also star. The movie is obviously farfetched but a lot of fun and if you like nonstop action and plenty of destruction then you will enjoy this. Hence the reference to San Andreas. The DVD includes a brief featurette on how the movie was made. The main feature runs for 103 minutes and is rated PG13 for language and violence. Rampage is available through Next and Empire Home Entertainment and for purchase through your nearest Musica store.




IFM Rating 6 out of 10.