16 July 2018

Red Sparrow


Dominika Egorova is one of Russia‚Äôs greatest ballet dancers who is reliant on the ballet company to pay for her accommodation and provide someone to look after her ailing mother. But when she is injured during a performance her entire life is shattered.  Her uncle who is a high ranking official in the government forces her to join Sparrow school, a secret government organization  where students are taught to use their body as a weapon through the art of seduction and manipulation. She completes the training admirably and is assigned to seduce a CIA agent who is responsible for tracking happening in Russian intelligence circles. The Russian government, especially her uncle, is convinced that there is a mole in the government who is leaking important information to the CIA and it becomes her job to find out who it is. She becomes trapped in a world she desperately wants to escape from and you know that when romance enters the fray things are bound to go wrong.




The movie is violent, sexy and has a great twist in the end. I am aware that some critics gave this a very low score mostly due to the fake accents ( all Russians are played by American actors ) as well as the pace of the movie which can sometimes be slow. But overall I found it not bad at all. Jennifer Lawrence plays the lead role and Joel Edgerton, Charlotte Rampling, Jeremy Irons and Mary Louise Parker also star. Special features include directors commentary and deleted scenes. The main feature runs for 136 minutes and is rated 18 for drugs, nudity, language and sex as well as sexual violence so please take heed of the restrictions. Red Sparrow is now available through Next Home Entertainment.  The DVD can also be purchased at Musica.




IFM Rating 6,5 out of 10.