30 May 2018

Thank You For Your Service


Coming from the writer of American Sniper, Thank You For Your Service tells the true story of a group of American soldiers who come home after serving together in Iraq. In their own unique ways they struggle to adapt to life back home and all suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Sgt. Schuman is the main character played by Miles Teller. He returns home to his wife and two kids but continuous to have grisly visions of the war which put his marriage in jeopardy. After one friend kills himself after coming home he hitches onto another friend who is struggling with memory loss and together they seek help at the Veterans Association. Staggered to know that thousands of veterans are struggling to cope they are told that it will be six to nine months before they can be helped. Fed up with the system after serving their country with distinction they find their own ways to cope with life in the outside world.


The movie is extremely moving and very well acted. It also shines a rather bright light on the problems countries face with their soldiers returning from war zones. There is just not enough people to assist with the different types of trauma they have experienced. Some make it but some do not and the statistics mentioned in the movie regarding returning soldiers that take their own lives is staggering. The DVD has no special features. The main movie runs for 108 minutes and is rated PG16 for language, sex and violence. Thank You For Your Service is now available from Empire Home Entertainment.


IFM Rating 7 out of 10.