16 July 2018

The 15:17 to Paris


Now what makes this movie amazing is the fact that the movie involves no real actors. Instead the people who were actually present at the event play the lead roles in the film. Not sure if I have heard this being done before. Legendary actor and now director Clint Eastwood directs his 36th film about a thwarted terrorist attack on a train on it’s way to Paris. Three young Americans with mostly different backgrounds meet each other in school and soon form a sort of mini gang. Each have different levels of intellect but each one has an equal desire to become a success in the military. After serving some time in their respective regiments they all decide to get back together and arrange a reunion which involves some backpacking through Europe and seeing some of the various cities amazing sights. Then on August 21st 2015 while making their way to Paris via train they manage to prevent a bomb going off saving the lives of over 5oo passengers. The film moves back and forth through their childhood and the attack, ending in the climax of the tussle between the three men and the terrorist as well as their joyous homecoming. It’s hard to imagine what could of happened had they not been there that day. Or the fact that three highly trained individuals were in the right place at the right time.




Clint Eastwood and his creative team explain in the must see special feature, the aspects of the story that moved them and why they chose the three Americans to play themselves in the film.  The main feature runs for 90 minutes and is rated 16 for drugs, violence and strong language. The 15:17 to Paris is now available through Next Home Entertainment. The DVD can also be purchased at Musica.




IFM Rating 6 out of 10.