03 July 2018

The Shape of Water


Despite the bad reviews I have read about this film mixed with some good ones I see that critics are very divided on this one and I think it is a film that you will either love or hate. Fortunately I sort of liked it. Look it was weird in parts but overall it was a heartwarming story that could have been a children’s fairytale if not for the sex scenes. Set in the early sixties in a secret government laboratory where she works, Elisa life is changed forever when she and her fellow co-worker come across a secret classified experiment. A creature found in the rivers of the amazon with amazing intelligence. Elisa, a mute, secretly becomes attached to the creature and finds a way to communicate with it by means of hand signs and classical music. When she finds that the creature is going to be destroyed she desperately comes up with a plan to try to save it. The film received no less than 13 Oscar nominations including for best picture and many people see it as director Gullermo Del Toro’s masterpiece. I wouldn’t quite go that far but it can’t be denied that it is a great piece of film making.   Octavia Spencer is brilliant as Elisa even though she doesn’t say a word in the film and the rest of the cast include Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins and Octavia Spencer.




Special features on the DVD include a featurette entitiled A Fairy Tale for Troubled Times which is well worth watching. The main movie runs for just over two hours and is rated PG16 for language, nudity, sex and violence. The Shape of Water is now available through Empire Home Entertainment and Next video. The DVD is available to purchase at Musica.




IFM Rating 7 out of 10