21 June 2018

Wind River


The movie starts off very slow but wow does it pack a punch as it goes on. A punch that really brings the film to life and awakes you from your near slumber. When the body of a woman is found by a local game tracker in the snow in the mountains of Wyoming a rookie FBI agent is assigned to the case. But the girl who is murdered is from the local native American reservation so not much interest is given by law enforcement in solving the case. But after the loss of his own daughter, the game tracker ( Jeremy Renner ) takes the case personally and tries to assist the FBI agent. The movie moves along slowly until the task force are led to a drilling site deep in the Wyoming mountains where they intend to question the dead girls boyfriend. Quite literally all hell breaks loose as the team try to question the workers and get to the bottom of this horrendous crime. I unfortunately can’t give too much away regarding the details of the crime as it would spoil the movie for you.


This is a totally unexpected gem with great acting from Renner and Elizabeth Olsen who plays the FBI agent. The film is based on a true story and once again highlights the plight of the native north American Indian. Facts shown at the end of the movie say that hundreds have gone missing over the years with no interest from the authorities to find them. Tragic indeed. The DVD has no special features. The main movie runs for 107 minutes and is rated PG18 for drugs, language , sex and violence.  Wind River is now available through Ster Kinekor Home Entertainment.


IFM Rating 6,5 out of 10.