10 Sept 2018

Pacific Rim Uprising



This film is unfortunately a typical example why some films should not have sequels.


23 July 2018

All The Money in the World


Remember the movie Kevin Spacey was supposed to play the lead role in but after all the Hollywood allegations stacked up they had to find a new lead.

03 July 2018

Proud Mary


Mary is a lethal professional hit woman raised by a mobster family since she was a child. When she takes someone out because of bad debt she leaves behind a young boy, Danny...

27 June 2018

12 Strong


Nice to see an entertaining, well made and historically interesting film. Based on the book “ Horse Soldiers “ the film tells the story of 12 men who after 9/11 are sent on a perilous mission to get some revenge on the Taliban ...

02 Sept 2018




As far as Dwayne Johnson is concerned this is a bit like a combination of King Kong and San Andreas.


16 July 2018

Red Sparrow


Dominika Egorova is one of Russia’s greatest ballet dancers who is reliant on the ballet company to pay for her accommodation and provide someone to look after her ailing mother.

03 July 2018

The Shape of Water


Despite the bad reviews I have read about this film mixed with some good ones I see that critics are very divided on this one and I think it is a film that you will either love or hate.

02 Sept 2018

A Quiet Place


I think this must be the first time I have reviewed a movie where hardly a word is said. Based in post-apocalyptic New York city the Abbott family have found a way to survive.

16 July 2018

The 15:17 to Paris


Now what makes this movie amazing is the fact that the movie involves no real actors. Instead the people who were actually present at the event play the lead roles in the film.

22 June 2018

Den of Thieves


Firstly did you know that Los Angeles is the city where the most bank robberies take place in the entire world. Well you do now.