14 Nov 2018

Oceans 8


Hard to believe that the original Oceans 11 was released in 1960 and redone in 2001. Now we come to 2018 and a brand new movie is released with an all-star female cast led by Sandra Bullock.

08 Oct 2018

7 Days at Entebbe



A movie depicting the events on the raid on Entebbe was originally released not long after the actual event in 1976.


02 Sept 2018




As far as Dwayne Johnson is concerned this is a bit like a combination of King Kong and San Andreas.


30 Oct 2018

Deadpool 2



Now it was always going to be difficult to match up to the first movie and I’m afraid that hasn’t quite happened. Still good though, just not as good. Our foulmouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool is back and this time ...

05 Oct 2018




The word blockers is a relatively new term used when someone uses methods to ensure or prevent someone having...


02 Sept 2018

A Quiet Place


I think this must be the first time I have reviewed a movie where hardly a word is said. Based in post-apocalyptic New York city the Abbott family have found a way to survive.

23 Oct 2018

10 x 10



This movie has received some very mixed reviews and I can understand why it divides opinion. The story is a little farfetched and hard to fathom firstly how a man can abduct a woman in broad daylight in a busy car park and not be seen..


10 Sept 2018

Pacific Rim Uprising



This film is unfortunately a typical example why some films should not have sequels.