Sometimes you get a movie sequel that you can watch as a stand alone movie not having to worry about the significance of the first but in some cases you just have to watch the first movie to have any idea what is going on in the second.


Unfortunately the latter is the case with this one. Being a massive fan of author Stephen King, The Shining was and always will be one of his best books. Written in 1977 the book was made into a film in 1980 starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall in the lead roles. But what people may have forgotten is that in the first movie there was a little kid who used to ride up and down the hallways of the vacant Overlook Hotel his parents were looking after during the cold winter months.


His name was Danny Torrance, and he could “shine”. The horrific things Danny saw at the Overlook still haunt him to this day and he has been trying in vain to rid himself of his Father’s legacy of alcoholism, depression and violence. He moves to a new Hampshire town and gets a job at a nursing home where he uses his “shining” to comfort others who are on the brink of dying. It is here that he learns of a group of travellers called “The True Knot” who travel the highways across America in search of sustenance, preying on children that have “The Shining” by inhaling the steam these children produce when they are tortured to death.


When Dan meets a young girl Abra he realizes that she may just have the brightest shining of them all and she soon comes under the attention of “The True Knot”. She convinces Danny to try to defeat them but that means he must face his own demons and go back to the place where it all started. The Overlook Hotel.


The movie stars Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson in the lead roles. The film runs for 2hrs 32min and is rated PG16. The film is now available to rent at Blockbusters Video in Vanderbijlpark but do yourself a favour and try to watch The Shining before you move on to Doctor Sleep it is a must watch.      


IFM Rating 7 out of 10.


Available from 9 March

Available from 23 March